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Legend: larger circle radius corresponds to higher within-city variance.

City Boring Bor +/- Depressing Depr +/- Livelier Liv +/- Safer Saf +/- Wealthier Weal +/- Beautiful Beau +/-

Interpreting these rankings

Place Pulse is to computation what a trireme is to a powerboat. Place Pulse is not an algorithm that runs on a computer, but an algorithm that runs on society, being powered by the clicks of each user. But how many clicks does it need to converge?

The current experiment is based on ~100,000 images from 56 cities. It is also based on 5 different questions. Each click gives us information about two images, so we need ~250,000 clicks to have one information per image and question.

For our algorithm to give reproducible results at the image level, we need at least 7 to 10 clicks per image. This is roughly 2,000,000 clicks. Certainly, the algorithm converges faster at the aggregate city level, but any result being shown with a small number of clicks (<1,000,000) should be interpreted at best as a rough estimate.